Jean-Julien Pous

Sous L'Eau

Short Film, Digital video, 6'32, Color, 2010
An experimental journey through Seoul. “As a journey through the urban sea of Seoul, Sous L'eau is a visual experimentation describing mixed feelings of losing ground, control beyond any understanding in a radically new world. He's French, she's Korean. Seen through his foreigner's eyes, the city is an abstract ink painting. People become a flow, river at night turns into geometric glitters. The colors of the fish market bleed on the screen. Follow this encounter with a unique character in a short Korean interview. Free from a tight narrative frame and form, it is a raw expression of a traveler's losing balance. It sits at the frontier between wet kaleidoscopic landscapes and distinguishable shapes and patterns.”

- Culture Unplugged




Naver TVCast, South Korea 2015
Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival
5th International Short Tourism Film Festival, Yperia, Greece
Transborda, Alcobaça, Portugal
Festival du Film d'Environnement, France
Culture Unplugged, India, USA, New Zealand, Indonesia
oneDotZero, United Kingdom



Directed by: Jean-Julien Pous
Produced by: Sophia Shek
Assistant Director: Dahci Ma
Assistants: Jiyi Robin Juyi