Jean-Julien Pous

Video Artist

Aurora, The Secret of Colors

Augmented Reality (AR) Theatre Play, 70mn, 2019

Original title : 오로라, 色의 비밀

Aurora is a solo performance that presents a woman’s response to a virtual world created by augmented reality. Like a mythical god, the performer creates spaces and people, and then weaves them into a story.

In a world where civilization has collapsed, colors as frontiers have faded away. In a cave lives Dodo, a young creature. She detects a strange aura, and embarks upon a long journey looking for answers while exploring what's left of the world.

Actress+Robot arm+Unity+ARKit

Play featuring one actress who performs around a table. At the center of the table is an Iphone controlled by a robot arm with ARKit and Unity. Inside the phone, live video feed of the actress is mixed with 3d motion-captured characters and backgrounds. The virtual reality appears in front of her, and she controls them using trackers. This new and augmented reality is projected on screens behind her.

Making of


Written & Directed by Hyun Yesol, Jeon Kanghee, Kayip, Lee Heejin, Sung Suyeon

Animation Director: Jean-Julien Pous

Performer: Sung Suyeon
Dramaturge: Jeon Kanghee
Technical Supervisor: Kayip
AR Supervisor: Ahn Sewon

CG Artists: Lee Jihyeon, Lee Bomin
Unity Artists: Lee Seunghee, Yun Yeojin, Lee Kangil, Sergio Bromberg Dimaté, Kwon Bogyu

Motion Capture Studio: Suwon University VR∙AR∙MR Center
Motion Capture Programmer: Seo Daehyeon
Motion Capture Operator: Kang Dongwan, Kim Seongbeom, Kim Hyejin, Lee Seungyeon, Jang Hwajeong

Music & Sound Design: Kayip

Stage Design: Sin Seungryeol
Stage Construction Director: Jo Hwanjun

Lighting Designer: Hwang Kyuyeon
Lighting Operator: Oh Seorin

Robot Arm Design: OAA

Stage Director: Kim Yochan

Producers: Wooran Foundation, Park Yeseul, Lee Heejin
Production Manager: Han Juyeon

PR: Park Heegyeong, Heo Jiwon
Leaflet Graphic Design: Vistadia
Photos: Studio Sim
PR Video: Simsang Studio
Video Recording: Soboru Film