Augmented Reality Theatre Play, 70mn, 2019

Aurora is a solo performance that presents a woman’s response to a virtual world created by Augmented Reality. Like a mythical god, the performer creates spaces and people, and then weaves them into a story.

In a world where civilization has collapsed, colors as frontiers have faded away. In a cave lives Dodo, a young creature. She detects a strange aura, and embarks upon a long journey looking for answers while exploring what's left of the world.


Creative director: Lab In:Between Kayip, Seong Su-Yeon, Park Hee-Jin, Jeon Kang-Hee, Hyeon Yae-Sol
Animation director: Jean-Julien Pous
Actress: Seong Su-Yeon
Unity Programmer: Ahn Se-Won
CG Artists: Lee Ji-Hyeon, Lee Bo-Min
Unity Artists: Lee Seung-Hee, Yun Yeo-Jin
Music & Sound Design: Kayip
With the support of the Wooran Foundation, Park Yae-Seul, Han Joo-Yeon