Jean-Julien Pous

Video Artist

Chollo Chollo

Music Video, 4mn, 2017
Made for the song Chollo Chollo, sung by Park Min Hee for the Hangeul Museum of Seoul.

Modern adaptation of an ancient poem of the Joseon dynasty (가곡), part of the exhibition: Scenery of Moments in Life: Hangeul Lyrics from Cheongguyeongeon


Hangeul Museum, April-September 2017



청산도 절로 절로 녹수도 절로 절로
mountains greening, rivers flowing
산 절로 절로 수 절로 절로 산수간에 나도 절로 절로
Mountains greening, rivers flowing, in there, I'm alive
두어라 절로 자란 몸이 늙기도 절로 절로
Let it be, I'm growing and ageing, naturally


Singer: Park Min-Hee
Actress: Kwon Mi-Na
Director, editor: Jean-Julien Pous
Producers: Kwon Mi-Na, Moon Soo-Hong, Sim Myeong-Seob
Driver: Sim Myeong-Seob
Calligraphy: Lee Yeong Yeon
Assistant Editors: Moon Soo-Hong, Kim Hyeong-Jin
Special thanks to Nils Clauss