Jean-Julien Pous

Video Artist

Le Piège des Kims

Documentary opening, 1mn30, 2018
Opening made for the documentary Le Piege des Kims, analysing the geopolitcal strategies of North Korea vs US and China in its nuclear development program. (Trailer)

The documentary is directed by Anthony Dufour and Minju Song, co-produced by Hikari, Arte and Pictanovo with the participation of RTBF and LCP-AN.





Director of the opening: Jean-Julien Pous
3d artists: Kim Cho-Rong, Li Ji-Hyeon, Jean-Julien Pous
2d artists: Bak Seo-Hee, Lee Bo-Min
Contains portions of 3d objects by Jerry Fisher, Martin Jario, Lumoize, Hoahluke, Weareprintlab
Special thanks to Kim Jun-Ha and the Kookmin University.